Olsberg Powersystem


  • Rapid direct heat from the combustion chamber
  • Long-lasting stored heat from the Tolima PowerSystem!

The average combustion phase for a quantity of firewood in a chimney stove generally lasts around an hour. If no further fuel is added to the fire, the stove will soon stop giving off heat. With the PowerSystem storage technology, Olsberg has developed a stove that retains the heat with the help of storage stones and which continues to give off pleasant warmth into the room even after burnout.

Long-lasting warmth thanks to:

  • Up to 120 kg of storage mass
  • Quality storage stones made of olivine material as an accessory
  • Thermott-SpeicherBloc! as a hot gas flue in the combustion chamber
  • Easy installation/assembly
  • Upgradeable at any time



OEC - Olsberg Efficiency Controller