Olsberg is one of the oldest family-run companies in Germany and it is able to look back on more than 430 years of history.
The earliest mention of the "Olsberger Hütte" has been found in records documenting a dispute about water rights dating from 1584. This document indicates that a ditch had already been dug in Olsberg in 1577 at the place where today's headquarters are located.

The stock book of the old Duchy of Westphalia names the first owners as Gerd Krüper and Heinrich Stengel in 1597. It can no longer be established for how long the Olsberger Hütte was in the possession of these "shareholders". But it may be assumed that Family Krüper was associated with the Olsberger Hütte for many years. It wasn't only one of the wealthiest families in the area, it also had close ties to the Kropff family, later shareholders, i.e. co-owners, in the company.