Olsberg Water System - Flickering Flames and Heating Support

  • Innovative water system
  • Up to 70% water capacity
  • Optimum energy efficiency
  • Optimally coordinated technology and good looks

Besides the enjoyment of soothing radiant and convection heat, our water-carrying chimney and pellet stoves support the connected heating installation or hot water supply system.

With the Tolima Aqua Compact, Nevado Aqua Compact, Tellus Aqua pellet stove as well as the Königshütte Taurus Aqua, you get very energy-efficient stoves.

Your added extra is that you have an innovative hot water system that incorporates a heat-insulated water trap.

With the aid of the Olsberg installation unit with a return riser and the Olsberg temperature differentiation controller, the stoves can be fitted easily into existing heating systems.

With this innovative technology, the furnace makes a significant contribution to supporting your supply of heat and hot water, making it more cost-effective.