Changeover damper

Olsberg is one of the leader suppliers in the market of wood stoves with water technology. It now offers, in addition to the model Tolima Aqua Compact, proven for
many years, a new innovation: the Nevado Aqua Compact.

Besides well known Olsberg technics such as the Compact closure door, DIBT approval for the independent operating of the air, ventilated door handle and the Electronic Combustion Control OEC; the stove Nevado Aqua Compact has a changeover damper for evacuating gas allowing the distribution of a portion of the heating power (approx. 1.5 kW) between the heating power of the water and the air power.

The changeover damper is set on of the stove "Air Power." Thus, the optimum operating temperature of the stove is reached in record time and the room quickly and efficiently reaches a comfortable temperature. Once the desired temperature is
reached, the damper is again set on "water efficiency".