Olsberg combustion system

Full power in a flash

System benefits
Innovative Olsberg combustion system:

  • Exclusively used in various Olsberg models
  • Additional combustion air feed due to adjustable grate
  • Control of the combustion air with optional electronic control
  • Easy connection of combustion air line (optionally at the rear or bottom)
  • Results

  • Accelerated heating phase
  • High efficiency
  • Low emissions
  • Clean window
  • Particularly convenient due to single-lever operation
  • Technical concept
    One component of the Olsberg combustion system is an adjustable grate that allows the intake of additional combustion air. This allows the heating phase to be shortened so that the chimney stove can be quickly brought up to operating temperature. Once this is achieved, more efficient and low-emission combustion is ensured. After the grate is closed, the Olsberg chimney stove reaches its normal state as a modern stove with a flatbed combustion recess.